Project Description

Due to the phenomenal success of the Jack the Ripper Tour website we developed several years ago, our client enlisted us to develop their new website to run alongside the existing site. The Jack the Ripper Walk. As there are many Ripper tours in London, they needed a website that would stand out. As 40% of all their bookings were coming from mobile devices, the new website had to be fully responsive, adapting to tablet and mobile screen sizes. An online booking system, shop and blog.

“When our first website was developed almost 5 years ago, we had know idea how successful it would be. We literally went from nowhere to the very top of Google, all because of Darkstream Studios building an incredible looking website. Unfortunately, times have moved on and 40%+ of our customers are now booking from mobile and tablets. That’s why the new site is fully responsive giving a great user experience on all devices. We could not have asked for more from the new website. An amazing job as usual!”
Ricky, The Jack the Ripper Walk