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Responsive Web Development

We pride ourselves on developing beautiful, functional and user-friendly responsive websites. With the ever growing popularity of smart phones and tablets, having a responsive website is becoming even more essential. A responsive website is designed to adapt its layout to best suit either desktop, tablet or smartphone, providing the best user experience. We tailor all of our websites to function flawlessly on all devices.

We meticulously design, wireframe and develop all our websites, ensuring that we produce the best possible design for your business or organisation.

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Graphic Design

At Darkstream, we specialise in producing high quality, bespoke graphics for any business or application. Whether it’s graphics for billboards, buses, banners or theatre backdrops we take the same approach to design. We like to get to know our client and their business first to find out exactly what they require and the message they are trying to get across and produce an effective design.

Our design team will keep in touch with you through each step of the design, listening to your feedback to ensure an efficient and painless design process.

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Business Branding

One of the most important aspects of any business is the branding. We believe that intelligent branding will contribute to the overall success of your business. An excellent design should be instantly recognisable and made to pixel-perfect standards. With all our branding projects we like to work to 5 simple rules – It must be simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate and versatile.

All of our branding projects are designed to work across a variety of mediums and applications. For print, designs are supplied in 300 DPI CMYK format and for websites and social media, we supply low resolution versions.

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Content Management Systems

A Content Management System empowers you to log in and update your website yourself. Gone are the days of contacting your developer with a list of changes, waiting for the work to be done and then paying for the service. With a Content Management System you will have the ability to edit or add almost any content on the website.

Our Content Management System of choice is WordPress, the most widely used system in the world. We can design and develop your WordPress website from the ground up to work perfectly and seamlessly with your business.

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Mobile App Development

With almost unlimited possibilities, mobile apps are one of the most exciting fields in the industry. Using the latest platforms we can turn your ideas into a stylish, user-focused and functional app. We work with both iOS and Android platforms ensuring your clients can use your app on the most popular devices.

We work closely with our clients throughout the entire design, development and testing process to get your app completed and in the App Store as soon as possible.

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Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy service outlines a strategic web direction for our clients by outlining the most advantageous positioning for their business on the web. The strategy will detail the experience it should create for your new customers, the brand image and the way you should engage with existing clients, partners, and suppliers. This includes Google Adwords, traditional advertising, Facebook and Twitter marketing. Every digital strategy project we undertake begins with a meeting with the client to ensure we accomplish all of these goals.

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We also offer…

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most talked about areas within the web design and digital marketing sectors. But what is it and why is it so important? Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of a website through a variety of on-site and off-site techniques. Thus, allowing your potential customers to find your business easier.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social networking is now one of the most effective methods of promoting your business. The figures speak for themselves with over 600 million facebook members and almost 200 million twitter members. Best of all, it’s free! At Darkstream we have extensive experience creating profiles and using the full potential of social networking to promote your business.

Website & Email Hosting

Website & Email Hosting

Website and email hosting is often one of the last things you think about when getting a new website, but we think it’s incredibly important. No matter how well optimised or designed your website is, if it’s on slow, unreliable, out-of-date servers, it could have a serious effect on your business. Our Cloud hosting is the ideal choice for speed and reliability.

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